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2023.12.6 Release

2nd Album "APPLEMINT"

All tracks written by Matsui Shogo.

(track 8 lyrics by Daniel Handelman) 
All tracks mixed by AOKI takamasa.
Mastered by Studio You
Cover photo by Raihei Okada

Cover art by Tsubasa Otaki

Centered on a soft singing voice and a minimalist music technique that comfortably loops short phrases, they incorporate various genres such as jazz, breakbeats, acoustic, ambient, and chamber music, and ultimately sublimate it into a pop song. This is a masterpiece of "Kyoto Chill-Pop". Minimal music maestro Aoki Takamasa was invited to mix down and master the album, and the album was completed using analog recording equipment such as open reel recorders. Their mild, deep sound stands out in the current era of mainstream digital sound, and is expanding the horizons of new Japanese pop music.


Expand your horizon with cutting edge Kyoto Chill-Pop!

2020.4.1 Release

1st Album "Synthesized Phenomenon"

All tracks written by Shogo Matsui. (Except M-5 written by AOKI takamasa.)
All tracks mixed by AOKI takamasa. (Except M-3 mixed by Shogo Matsui.)
Mastered by Kentaro Kimura (Kimken Studio)
Jacket Art by Aaron Leonard Gall

He enrolled as a research student in the music course of the Faculty of Popular Culture at Kyoto Seika University, and recorded the songs he created during his studies and released them in 2020.

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